Why Vortex?

The Vortex spray on material is a two part formulation that was designed for truck bed liners, cargo van interiors, trailers, decks, and virtually any hard surface. Vortex uses a unique blend of Polyurethane and Polyurea, which are the two main chemicals usually used separately in bed-liners. Polyurethanes (used by Rhino liners) are known for their superior durability and chemical resistance, while Polyureas (used by Line-X) are known for strength and impact resistance. Vortex combines these two for the best of both worlds and has the highest UV fade resistance of any liner on the market!


Our Vortex Liners come with a Life Time Warranty! Should you somehow manage to damage the liner, it can easily be repaired (many liners cannot have small areas re-sprayed due to their low adhesion ability) at one of the many Vortex dealers across the US!