Automotive Window Tint

Dennis Dillon is the premiere source for automotive window tints in the Boise, Idaho area for over 10 years. Window tinting comes in two forms: you’ve always wanted it or you didn’t know you wanted it. What you do in your car is your business, and window tinting helps keep that perspective. You want your window tinting to be done professionally and at a reasonable price, and Dennis Dillon’s car window tinting achieves that for you.

Don’t believe me? Give us a call and request a quote. Our job is to keep your cost on the straight and narrow and deliver a finished product that will compel you to brag to your friends and family about a job well done and worth every penny. That’s Dennis Dillon’s level of service for you. Dennis Dillon tinting services uses LLumar Window Tint solutions, the best way to get a tinted car window near you in Boise. Check out how the benefits of window tinting below:
We utilize LLumar Window Tint as it is professional level tint. Check out the video to see the level of quality we’re talking about and see for yourself the upgrade that your car’s about to get. We are proud to be your local window tint pros and have served the Boise area for many years, with more to come.

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